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3330 Saint Claude Avenue, NOLA

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"Roots Source of Inspiration"
Christina Juran
The Swedish American Museum
5211 N. Clark  St,  Chicago, Ill.  60640
​hours: 11 - 4 daily Sept. 26th - Nov. 23rd

Opening Night September 29th 2017 for Christina Juran's
Solo Exhibition "Roots: Source of Inspiration"
Sept. 29th -- Nov. 26th 2017

Early Morning Magnolia
48 X 48

Morning Magnolia
48 X 48

Magnolia Landscape #1 62 X 48

Magnolia Landscape #2 62 X 48

Magnolia  Glory
72 X 60



Levee View Lower 9th Muddy Mississippi

Early Morning Field

The Great Pacific Coast

4th of July Flowers

Swamp Lady Dream

Sunflower Delight

The following section is dedicated to archiving the enents that have taken place at the New Orleans Art Center. We look forward to growing this list through consistant high quality performances and exhibits that meet the high expectations of our patrons. Your feedback will help insure that what we do fits the needs of the community. 

3330 St. Claude Ave.
Christina Juran
Art Director

Herman Kron
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The New Orleans Art Center:

The New Orleans Art Center shows local artist and is located right in the city's "Saint Claude Arts District." Located in the heart of the ninth ward and on the edge of Bywater. This district is quickly becoming a new center for Art and Dining in New Orleans.

Please visit us on your next trip to New Orleans and if you are from New Orleans, we love to see you always.  We will gladly reintroduce you to works you may still be dreaming about from your prior visits.  We carry artworks that fit all budgets and will gladly work with you to find pieces of your dreams.  Enhance and enrich your life and work with art and inspire those around you.

Past Exhibits Events and Performances:
  • "Neighbors" curated by Yamil Rodriguez and Lindsay
  • Fundraiser for Press Street/ Antennae Gallery "Prom Night" Summer 2015
  • The Bywater Biennial Curated by Don Marshall, October 2015
  • Dreamers Often Lie Producer Yamil Rodriguez, a Faux Real FestivalTheatre Production, November 2015
  • Pop-up Politico Curated by Catalyst Collective, a PhotoNola Event, December 2015
  • Delight Curated by Christina Juran Jan 2016
  • Le Menage Speciale  Curated by Christina Juran Feb 2016
  • La Femme Curated by Don Marshall, March 2016
  • Duck Sauce Curated by Dapper Bruce Lafitte, April 2016
  • Interpretations May 2016
  • Connections Curated by Christina Juran June 2016 
  • Of Myth Fun and Folly  Curated by Christina Juran July 2016
  • Transcendence Curated by Christina Juran August 2016
  • Lizzie, a theater production directed by Christopher Benteviegna August 2016
  • NOLA Conceptual Curated by John Isiah Walton Sept. 2016
  • The Louisiana Photography Biennial Curated by Don Marshall
  • White Elephant Sale, a 3 day vendor event by LA 46
  • Cultural Grid curated by Christina Juran Jan. and Feb .2017
  • Planned for August 2017 Aliens Vs Predator curated by    Nicolas Aziz
  • Coming in November 2017 the Second Bywater Biennial curated by Don Marshall
Wonderful group show on exhibit until May 7th
call 707-779-9317 anytime showing


    H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  2 0 1 7
                   Coming January 12th A Special Event

Alexander the Great Visits New Orleans

A Benefit for the Creative Alliance of New Orleans

Black Tie or Toga

Thursday January 12 is a special night.
Mark your calender.
Get your tickets now.

Come join us in support for this wonderful organization CANO which does so much for the New Orleans art communities. It's gonna be a hot night at the New Orleans Art Center.

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Politico Pop-Up at the New Orleans Art Center

Political PopUp 2 presented and curated by Catalyst Collective New Orleans was another exciting exhibition of 2016.  In its second year, Politico Pop Up2 presented strong work by artists whose work brought to the forefront issues of our day.  Artwork came from New Orleans and nationally. Work was thought-provoking, current and voices were heard.

Featured artists included Gason Ayisyin, Dylan Cruz Azaceta, Brian Barbieri, Sheri Lynn Behr, James Billeaudeau, Bottletree, Suzette Bross,Sean G. Clark, Kimberley Coleman, Ian Chrystal, Dorit Jordan Dotan, Mya Ebanks, Michael Fedor, Andrew Feiler, Cecelia Fernandes, Ashley Gates, Miro hoffman, Beryl Johns, Rodger Kementz, Krista Deidrick Lai, David McCarty, Samantha Melfi, Ti-Rock Moore, David Rae Morris, Kel Mur, Owen Murphy, Gamil Nassar,Victoria Posey, Steve Prince, Michael Ramsey, Jacqui Roche, Jason Rodriguez, Mathew Rosenbeck, Jakob Rosensweig, Dread Scott, Arthur Serverio, Colleen Shannon, Leona Strassberg Steiner, Dan Tague, Tranche, Antonia Tricarico, Mary Lou Uttermohlen, Jordan Wade, Alan Walker, John Isiah Walton, and ZenBeatz.

Home of the  1st Bywater Biennial

The New Orleans Art Center is proud to be the host of the 1st Bywater Biennial, curated by the director of the Jazz and Heritage Foundation Don Marshall, showcasing Bywater Artists. The event opened October 10th and showed through November 8th.
Located at: 3330 St Claude Ave.
This area is called the 9th Ward and is one of the areas that saw a lot of distruction during Katrina. This building was severely damaged and had been unused for years until we found it last summer. Tina and I are trying to build a business that complements the local environment and gives back to the people of this neighborhood.

Artwork by over 120 woman artists of
                              New Orleans!

New Orleans Art Center is proud to have had the opportunty to show these wonderful artists and we want to thank each of them for their contribution to a great show and an evening.

"La Femme"

The Art Show of the Century !

Covered by  the Times Picayune and Ste ven Forster

 Great coverage from Stepping Out on April 1st  for more coverage of  this event

Featured Artists Dapper Bruce Lafitte